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Perfect Mate

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It is possible for a man to create his perfect mate, but not a woman.

It has been observed that siblings separated at birth or shortly thereafter, then reunited after puberty, will have a very strong and unusually deep attraction to one another.

It has also been proven by science that when a male and female sibling – or stranger – are raised together from a young age, their sexual attraction is ‘turned off’ by an evolved mechanism in the brain. This mechanism is hypothesized to have evolved to prevent inbreeding by turning off what would normally be an unusually strong attraction between siblings.

Why is the attraction stronger than normal between siblings – absent the effects of the anti-inbreeding mechanism? It is because they are the ideal complements for each other – mind, body and soul. They are soulmates.

The anti-inbreeding mechanism takes effect when the pair are visually and/or socially exposed to each other from birth up to a certain age before puberty.

In the case of re-united siblings that were separated at birth, that mechanism was never activated.

A male and female sibling are the most perfect soular and biomolecular complements. Even though evolution decided that in a larger, longer – and far different from today’s – context the mating of siblings was negatory, from the individuals’ standpoint it is optimal. In fact, better than optimal – the ultimate fruition.

Thus, we are left with some interesting options for experimentation; the first of which requires no genetic manipulation at all, but merely the planned separation of siblings at birth, and then their reunion after puberty to form the most perfect unions.

The second applies only to men. Men have a geneset of XY, women XX. Thus, inside a man is a man and a woman. Inside a woman is a woman and another woman.

Women are thus genetically incomplete, and men are genetically complete. A man can recreate the entire species with his full complement of DNA, but a woman cannot – she can only make more women.

I also thought how interesting it would be to make a woman by duplicating a man’s X chromosome. The woman thus created would be his perfect partner – the equivalent of a genetically identical female sibling.

A woman is internally repelled by her other half which is also female – the second X in her XX – and thus repellent – not complementary. A woman cannot couple with her other self any more than magnets can couple with like poles (North-North or South-South). Like poles repel, opposite poles attract. Unless she is a lesbian, a woman would never partner with her shadow self if that self was created from her DNA. In fact, if both her X chromosomes have equal expression then all she can hope for is a perfect clone anyway.

Unlike a woman, a man has something very special waiting inside his body. A beautiful gift just waiting to be unwrapped! The woman of his dreams exists inside his very flesh – in every cell of his body, waiting to be unlocked. A man’s shadow self is a woman and thus complementary and his most perfect and ultimate sex partner. The other half of his DNA waiting to be expressed is his X chromosome, which when duplicated creates his female partner.

Actualizing this potentiality is easy and requires no genetic engineering. All it requires is obtaining two copies of a man’s X chromosome, and inserting them into a fertile egg, which is then implanted into a surrogate woman. This process should be done before the man is more than a few years old, to insure the age gap between the two is optimal. Of course, contact between the two must be entirely avoided before puberty to prevent the anti-inbreeding mechanism from spoiling a most perfect union.


Mosquito Blood Tester

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To use a Nature’s most perfect blood-drawing machine to do what needles do, only better, cheaper, faster and safer.

A normal mosquito will be genetically modified such that it will be capable of testing blood for whatever parameter(s) are wanted. If the chemicals in the blood are broken down by the mosquito’s digestion, then its taste or other pre-digestion system(s) will be modified to do the sensing.

Just as the human is equipped with very sensitive tasting glands, so too is the mosquito. To correctly evalute the quality of blood has always been one of evolution’s main selectors for the mosquito-race.

The mosquitos can also be trained or bred-trained to instinctually indicate the parameters by gross movements or secondary biological responses such as colour changes, sound emissions, etc.

Unlike needles, the Blood-Testing-Mosquitos [BTMs] are self-replicating and easily disposable afterwards by total incineration (a lighter or match flame will do). Needles are difficult and costly to safely dispose of after use.

A BTN test will be painless and require only one-thousandth the blood of a needle-lab test. This is important for those who are so sick or wasted that the loss of blood can hurt them. The BTM saves the body and blood vesels from ugly gross trauma and potential infection: BTM tests can be done a dozen times per day without causing damage – doing so with a needle would cause permanent blood-vessel damage. There are many such people in Third World countries and some in the First World too.

We now live in the twenty-first century. There is no more need for such crude methodologies as stabbing a person with a metal needle to find out about their blood.

Perhaps more nefariously, BTMs can be released into urban or other human populated areas, in order to gather blood data without the knowledge or consent of the donators. Micromachines resembling mosquitos can also do these chores and potentially much more, but we should start by hacking an already well-proven design.

This data can include what diseases they have, their entire genetic code (tons of cells are taken in a single mosquito sip) minerals, toxins, heavy metals, etc.

Beyond testing, the mosquito can also be used to deliver vaccines and other materials in small quantity.

Electrospin Cell

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In a normal cell, charge in the form of electrons migrates on and off charge-bearing atoms or molecules.

Often an atom will only willingly give up 1-3 and less often 4-6 electrons, or accept them.

The order it gives them up – in this case a loss of electrons as example – is of interest to me. It seemed interesting that rather than remove first one, then the other of a pair of electrons from each shell – moving of course inwards as far as electrons can be stripped, another procedure could be used.

Before I could come up with a procedure to accomplish the new idea, I had envisioned an unusual state for an atom: having all the + or all the – spin electrons in each shell gone.

So then I thought to myself, well – if that atom ain’t isolated in a vacuum free of free electrons, then it will very quicky fill up with the correct-spin electrons, accompanied of course by the usual energy conversion process into photons and/or other particles.

Then I thought that hey, why not make a molecule of some of those weird atoms? If bonded in three dimensions correctly with small ‘normal’ atoms that won’t donate or receive more than one electron – the minimum conjoinal penalty – these improper atoms can be shielded from stray electrons by the repulsive, balanced or unbalanced electromagnetic fields of the normal atoms.

In this scenario, the shielded strange atoms ought to be ones with loads of electrons that can be stripped off, more even by high-energy bombardment, etc.

The shield atoms must be the exact opposide: be willing to share or give/take only one electron, be light enough to keep the total mass low for macroscalar system considerations, yet have the widest possible EM field cross-sectional volumetric area in order to maximally block incipient eletrons from the plurality of sources present in natural situations.

Another use of these atoms – which should better be called multiscalar spin-symmetric depletion regions – is that they may be extremely tightly bound with another of the exact type but opposite electronic spin.

Having every spin-pair missing its other half in a heavy metal atom with say, 88 protons, would leave it with only 44 electrons with + spin, say.

Those 44 electrons would occupy in their lonesome way the many orbitals of the atom. By the Pauli exclusion principle, only an incident electron of the opposite spin can enter and stay in an atom’s orbit, if it is already occupied by an electron.

If this hypothetical element 88 situation occurred, any stray electron from the environment could begin the process of refilling the orbitals – if its spin were opposite the existing common spin of the 44 remaining electrons.

A random electron would have a 50% chance of having the right spin to take up residence.

Think of it as digging a very deep and narrow hole, in terms of the gravitational potential energy. An atom normally loses its electrons one at a time from largest orbital into smaller orbitals like an onion.

Now, if we took two of E88 atoms – each full of electrons of opposite spin in all orbitals – and each empty of its other half of electrons and we pressed them ever so gently together, what would happen?

It reminds me of a zipper being pulled up a boot or sock. The outer orbitals joining first – then depending on the balance of forces – further inward orbitals might be able to join. Opposition by proton repulsion would likely prevent most orbitals from conjoining.

If the right atom type were chosen or two different types – it could be made so that the electron binding force would be unusually large, in fact totally absolutely abnormally large.

This very strong electron binding force would produce a molecule with nuclei so tightly held together that it would exhibit many unusual characteristics.

It would likely be unreactive since all its electrons are so tightly bound. Depending on the atom(s) chosen for binding, this delicate process would be very labour-intensive but could feasibly be performed with existing lab equipment today.

The unusually tight bind may enable by much lower compressive energy the fusion of the nuclei. By the aid of Nature’s own tight bindings, like multiple shoelaces or zipper-teeth, the interleaved electron spin-pairs will exert a crushingly strong force on the correctly-chosen atoms.

With only a small additional energy the interprotonic repulsion barrier will be overcome, leaving only any nuclear forces to contend with.

Due to the difficulty and cost of manufacture, the general system and its device implementations are expected to see use limited to pure research and bomb-making.

Another idea for a spin-flip battery uses an active circuit to maintain a spin resonance. The battery must be designed and simulated in three dimensions in order that the overall design of the spin conductors, storage and all accessory infrastructure provide the optimal environment for correct impulse propagation (Q), and maximally dampen out-of-phase or otherwise degenerate spin motions.

Naturalistic Synthetic Light Environment

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There’s something magic about outdoor light on a clear sunny day. Such a day combines wide-and-high viewfield bright blue =>15K CT with the narrow-beam lower CT sunlight.

For the synthetic setup, the idea is to use blue lights that throw light horizontally in a continuous distribution combined with one or more ‘white’ 7000-8000K lamp(s).

The effect of pushing the ambient light – reflecting to the eyes from the walls and ceiling – to a highly blue-dominant or even exclusively blue spectral power distribution is to simulate the great expanse of blue sky.

The intent of these simulations is to create both an instinctually-believable [credible] daylight-with-sun environment with maximum circadian power, and to create the higher-level psychological impressions of both ‘broad sunny daylight’ and the more difficult, positive items that so vary between individuals.

Back to the technics: the blue ambient surround, particularly that in the upper portion of the visual field – spacial circadian receptor distribution is nonuniform – functions to convince the circadian system that it is indeed ‘full day’.

The ‘white’ 7000-8000K lamp or lamps are not uniform emitters like the ambient blue lamps. Instead, the white lamps are to be focussed on task areas (tables, desks) or places the person will be. Optimally, units should be placed on the ceiling with a fixed or preferably a single or dual universal joint.

The white lamp itself is to be LED, and for several good reasons. First, the LED lamp’s specialty is direction, and the application requires it. Second, the LED lamp provides the perfect color temperature – 7000-8000K – for both the required circadian and the needed psychological effects.

To really explain how it all comes together, the blue surround tells the circadian system ‘it’s day!’, and the white spot(s) tell the person, ‘sunlight’. You might wonder why a person would easily confuse 7-8K with sunlight, and I’ll give the answer.

The magic is called chromatic adaptation. We all know much about how the eye adapts to differing light intensities – pupillary constriction or dilation and receptor bleaching/resensitization.

Chromatic adaptation allows the eye to ‘adjust to’ large changes in color range (here, CT or CCT) in a matter of minutes. For example, walking in from a bright blue-white daytime excursion to a supermarket lit with 4100K fluorescent, the environment appears yellowish. However, in a matter of a minute or two, checking again the new customer sees white. His eyes have adapted by a shift in chromatic sensitivity, or his brain (visual cortex) has adapted, or both.

The smaller ‘white’ area(s) provide the user(s) with a warmer sense of localized sunshine. The key point is that normally, this ‘white’ light would be seen as bluish-white – however, in an environment saturated by decently bright blue or high CCT flux, the eye adapts to the larger brighter scene in view as the ‘base’ from which to ‘measure’ the color of everything else, including smaller light sources.

Thus under the new sky blue, the 7-8KK light looks pure white in comparison. Of course it mixes with the ambient-blue light. The white light is a weaker circadian stimulant than blue, but provides important psychological effects.

These effects are to ‘fill’ local visual field from the midline to the lowest areas with a CCT of light that can complement the cold, expanded, dimmer blue surround with its own warm, condensed, brighter nature. To achieve these ends both narrow-beam LED lamps can be used, and wide ones too, provided they do not intrude too much on the ‘sky’ area. In the spacial-spectral transition region the two should intermix naturally as visible from typical white walls.

Finally, the lamps in question:

White LED Lamp: New E27 6W 3x2w LED Spot Light Bulb Lamp White 85V-265V $6.64 USD

Blue LED Lamps: Either a cluster of 13W blue-coated CFLs from the hardware store or a high-CCT metal halide bulb. Cluster currently in use: 15x13W blue-coated CFLs 195W total and emitting at ~12-17KK.

Blue and high CCT (15KK+) metal halide bulbs are for sale. They are available in CCTs of: 10KK, 13KK, 15KK, and 20KK. When burned vertically, the arc is short and emits a nearly uniform photic distribution around its circumference.

For situations where a protective fixture is available or the risk is minimal due to building features (high ceiling, high airflow, concrete or other synthetic floor, fewer combustibles per square meter of combined floorspace and relevant objectspace, the bulbs can be run unshielded but this is not recommended.

Not having the required fixture, the first implementation of the Naturalistic Synthetic Light Environment is to be run with an ambient-blue lamp system based on the CFL data above.

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Peak Oil Bells: Hubbert Bell-Curve Music

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The Tarball Symphony Orchestra Presents:

Peak Oil Bells: Hubbert Bell-Curve Music

Ask not for whom the bell tolls;
it tolls for thee!

What is the sound of peak oil?

The idea is to take a set of wells or fields or all the World’s fields. The set will only include wells or wellgroups that have already declined 90%, and whose production is known. Start Date, Peak Date, and 90% Flowrate-Depleted Date will be required for each, along with maximum flowrate at peak.

The first three give the bell its place and size in time, while the fourth gives the bell its peak intensity: maximum volume of oil per unit time in the oilfield and volume of sound in the Orchestra.

Then, the data will be used to ring bells. Real bells or digital bells. The bells will have their own original tones, but the volume and time envelope of each bell will correspond to the bell-curve of each well or well-group. In other words, the loudness of each bell will be proportionate to the volumetric output of its assigned well or wellgroup at a given point in time. One bell will be assigned to each well or well-group, and rung only once.

The entire field, fieldset or world-field will compose the Symphony, which will naturally swell from silence to a haunting cacaphony – then back to silence again if the field in question has declined to less than 10% of its maximum volumetric output.

Gothic bells, ancient bells and large church bells will be used to give the entire piece a distinctly end-of-days haunted tone. It will be a creepy reminder of the rise and fall of oil production.

Different pieces can be composed from different fields and given names. The kind of music made by Britain’s North Fields would be different from Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field.

Maggot Noodles

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Photoshopped Maggot Pasta: Worms are Too Long

Maggot Noodles: white pasta noodles in the shape and size of maggots. They make great Halloween dinners.

I haven’t yet found any for sale. Somebody will have to start selling them soon. Please!

American Petroleum Art

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The birdies breathe their last encased within a chocolatey cast:
candied fowl soon becomes foul, so eat them up quick before they slick.

The master painter is in! Within and without – without a doubt – the oil does soil their intestinal coils. Shit-brown lube from the seafloor-pube to keep the three-ring freeway circus greased. Unrefined yet well-defined, the anal flow of fullsome gas slips quietly past in swarms of bubbles full of silent troubles.

Enjoy the beautiful American Petroleum art painted by British Petroleum. An Old World-New World collaboration that reaches past the bounds of today into the tomorrows of decay.

Digital Machinegun

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The computer is a packet-spewing digital machinegun. The computer is a weapon of war. It can fire in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

Many and varied ammunitions it can fire, and its quantized chambers never tire.

Climb higher, my digital machinegun! There are enemies at the gates, so raise the packet-rates!

Through TCPIP-stack cannons the great packet-shells disembark on their deadly course,
like mighty warriors of spear and horse.

The muzzle-flare flicker of the ethernet port as its bomb-packets depart convinces its witness of the power of a PCI gunbarrel.

No silencer required and no assassin need be hired. For such a low price, a weapon so nice!

What a Beautiful Leak

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What a beautiful leak – twenty thousand barrels of lovely lube a day. I love the oily mass that bulges outwards from a bent pipe. A brown Rorschach blot of the automobile culture. A creamy dreamy brown chocolatey nougat for the wildlife to absorb. Living towels soon to be buried by trowels.

An endless orgasm of brown to win the King’s crown. The ejaculate of Hell sent by the wind-whipped swell.

My most fervent hope is that all efforts to stop and mitigate this masterwork are failures. The incontinent flow of hydrocarbons shall continue for the decay of all.

I would love to see a sea of greasy Devil’s blood flowing into the ocean forever more. The spew that flew right on through.

Then the World can move on into its next phase, the Dark Phase of death, decline and destruction. Soon, all the works of humans will decay and so too will themselves be brought to the altar of slaughter, to account for their crimes of existence.

The oilmass grows like a joyous cancer full of new life. Welcome to happy motoring! It’s time to drive to a slicker, browner future: put your keys in the ignition because Big Oil needs your dollars to make more oily art – gorgeous rainbow-coloured sheens to embarrass the likes of Van Gogh and Matisse.

For those who have already contributed, thank you for your kind support!


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Implicated: The Brazen Bull Cure for Healthcare

Brazen Bull

His screams will come to you through the pipes as the tenderest,
most pathetic, most melodious of bellowings

If those without insurance cannot pay the fee, then jail will be their insurance. A place they can share with other victims – and criminals – like the vast numbers of War on Drug Users victims, etc.

In prison they can learn the pleasure of earning – for the State – the sum they owe or even more, depending on the depth of whore. Employed in the vast industrial workhouses – Newspeak Correctional Retraining or somesuch – for the profit of giant multinational corporations and their filthy-rich ruling-class owners.

The cost of such imprisonment would be borne by the State’s beloved taxpayers, while its benefits would be enjoyed by the private contractors who build, staff and maintain these glorious institutions.

And let us not forget the excellent exercise inmates will be compelled to undertake for their new lords. Americans in particular might even catch a second peak of health during their incarceration, what with the minimal rations and long hard work hours. For all these benefits bestowed upon them, clients ought to be glad for having run afoul of the new mandatory health insurance law, or whatever other arbitrary, rights-violating law that got them there.

Thus the sublime perfection of the State’s plans can now be clearly perceived. Close as a hair their plans do fair against the prime goal of total control.

In future not so distant armies of such downtrodden minions will shovel coal and mend sole in the darkly illuminated dungeons of privately contracted work prison complexes.

A return to the good old days (now known to the elites as “the excellent future days!”) of workhouse times a thousand with all the benefits of gene-tagging, precise computer monitoring of all inmates at all times via implants and a rich sensor grid, remotely powered implanted lethal injectors to kill those who might manage to escape. No more need for roving militias or national guards to repress slave revolts.

No more need for guns once everyone who matters is securely inside or outside.

Betrothed and long ago wed in their complementary ways, both Police State and Corporate State will like twin snakes coil together to form the double-helix of the future’s new DNA. And DNA itself, along with correct social heritage, will decide who is among the few inside the bubble of superprivilege-ultrawealth and who is encased in the toxic confines of the transnational prison-industrial megacomplex. Today’s reality is but a rough precursor – a vague outline – for the perfection of tomorrow.

People who can’t afford insurance ought to be imprisoned and worked to death for the profit of the super-rich. That is their most efficient use. Hitler made great money for his friends in industry by working prisoners to death – feeding them just enough to get some work out of them – for profit. It works quite well as an economic regime and has the secondary benefit of permanently removing surplus expendables from the population pool.

These vast institutions will be the ultimately voracious mouths that suck into their abyssal blackness first the criminals, then the poor and street people, next the former lower class, and onward until all but the diamond-toothed few stand upon the institutional and perhaps even biologic pyramid of total world slavery for their benefit alone.

Shoveling victims into their toothy, drooling mouths is the work of the State and its laws. And much work remains to be done, though the hardest part is already complete. Health-insurance law with prison punishment is only a frilly icing on a cake whose bulk is the Drug War and the concerted contributions of numerous other wars carried on quietly and indirectly by the State and Corporates on behalf of their constituent and investor classes.

This Future Level Prediction has a Hellrated temperature of 230 degrees Centigrade. Its theme is psychotically co-consonant with the Brazen Bull.