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Cracking More Skulls per Dollar with Polywell

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on November 13, 2008

Above: Rick Nebel, chief of the Polywell nuclear fusion project

Above: Depleted Uranium victims, courtesy of Nebel’s employer: the US military

The Department of Defense is the largest single consumer of energy in the United States. In 2006, it spent $13.6 billion to buy 110 million barrels of petroleum fuel (about 300,000 barrels of oil each day), and 3.8 billion kWh of electricity.(1)

Rather than grinding away in some lab trying to find a way to squeeze energy from boron, how about winding up this energy-sucking criminal organization, prosecuting and imprisoning its leaders (as would be done with a civil corporation tried in criminal court), and enjoying all the ‘free’ energy no longer being used by the former ‘largest single consumer of energy in the United States’?

If Polywell succeeds to become an economic mass-energy converter, it will certainly be highly controlled by the US military (as it already is) for their own toxic agenda. Remember, the US military is the largest criminal organization on Earth (read Chomsky for a short chronicle of its crimes).

Like they have into the distant past, the US military will (if the reactor works) use it to increase the projection of their power by various means all around the world, with predictable consequences. Repeat offenders need to be handcuffed and locked up, not given bigger guns and set free to plunder.

Furthermore, the US military has a long history of being a massive giveaway of taxpayer dollars to an endless gravy-train of corporate swindlers making every type of militarily justifiable gee-gaw and doo-dad. At a time of such enormous upheaval and economic chaos, the smaller items on the gravy-train menu will be cut. The main course will stay the course, of course. Polywell is a potentially tasty side-dish, on its way to the compost after having lost the goliath’s short attention-span.

It would be a miracle to get a positive result within even the US social system itself, even if the device produced net energy at reasonable cost. And don’t expect the technology to be sold at any price to the rest of the world. Instead, it will be monopolized by the US military as guard-dog of the US corporate-controlled system of wealth and power. That is why Nebel’s corporation is not allowed to reveal the details, and likely never will.

Secrets are a necessity in a society where wealth is highly stratified and the goal is to keep the unwanted masses of the US and other nations from benefitting from the work they have paid for. Those who run the military-industrial complex will get the benefit from the project, if it ever succeeds – with the taxpayer footing the bill.

All would be fine and dandy with this ripe scheme if it weren’t for the fantastic duo of resource depletion and such excessive greed by the rich that they have trashed their feeding grounds (the ‘financial crisis’). As such, funds will be in such disarray that this tiny project could very well be defunded before it can grow into another cancerous pus-yielding tit upon which the military-industrial complex could feed its ever-hungrier mouth.

All around the world this organization, from its inception to today, is busying itself creating war, the opportunities for new war, and the technologies to power future wars and atrocities, while enjoying side-dishes of genocide, torture, training of death squads, torture squads, propping up of dictatorships, contaminating foreign lands with deadly mutagenic chemicals (ex. Vietnam), radioactives (ex. Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan), smuggling drugs (cocaine from Central America, heroin from Afghanistan) and on and on and on. All these items are substantiated in thorough detail in reports, photos and video from all over the world.

Next year’s budget, $515.4 billion dollars, should help it stay the course it has so faithfully followed in the past, and perhaps even best the achievements of its previous years with new horrors.

Should the device succeed at becoming a useful mass-energy converter in coming years, the organization will have found an economic doorway to new horizons of terror and will undoubtedly carry out its ambitions with renewed zeal, crushing more skulls per dollar with the clean energy of Polywell.


1. DoD Energy Strategy: More Fight – Less Fuel (February 2008)


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