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NineDP is ninety percent depopulation

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on January 19, 2009

NineDP is ninety percent depopulation.

NineDP is ninety percent depopulation.

I want to occupy land – conveniently located – without cost or payment. NineDP will allow me and other survivors to choose excellent accomodations and farming or gardening land without having to pay someone else to leave it – there won’t be anyone else! The corpses will provide a bit of starter fertilizer.

I want lower food prices. NineDP will lower food prices by cutting the demand for food per unit arable land. Those who live past NineDP will not only have cheaper food, but as already mentioned land to grow their own. Independence starts with having land and growing food.

I want darker skies without having to translocate away from my city. NineDP will allow me to because there won’t be enough law enforcement or power generation to support vast networks of lights-at-night. Sabotage will be easy and repair less desireable and more difficult than today – for a variety of reasons.

I want quiet. Post-NineDP, noise levels will be reduced by ninety percent or more (network effects).

I want clean air. With only ten percent of the population alive, they can drive all they want and still make no dent in the local atmospheric composition.

I want clean water. My city doesn’t treat sewage, and it stinks like shit when the wind blows in a certain direction. However, after NineDP the ocean will be more than capable of handling the trifling ten percent it was once asked of to process, even without treatment.

I want less crime. With free land and housing available for everyone, there won’t be any reason to commit crimes. The citizens of a post-NineDP world will live in a material paradise, with plenty of both pre-manufactured items and land, and mineral and energy resources to make more, along with the machinery to do so.

I want democracy. In an electoral democracy, the power of any one person’s vote is inversely proportional to the total number of votes cast. More voters means each person’s vote changes less. Enough voters and electoral democracy is a sham – as it is now. After NineDP, my vote is worth ten times more than it is now. I will feel empowered to not only vote, but get involved at all levels of whatever government might remain. With one tenth the population, any government which remains has only one tenth the inertia. It becomes easier to change – more responsive to its constituents.


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