World of Decline

Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Sunset of Oil

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Lovely Swine

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I’ve been eating lots of pork for some time now. Pork pasta is my favorite.

I’m glad that my eating habit has helped make this nice swine flu, though I’m disappointed at how few parasite-humans it’s managed to kill off.

Maybe better days ahead for my porkapocalypse?

Nightmare of a Dying Civilization

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I really loved the older ones. Looking down a hill in a vast red-orange desert to a city-sized scrap-pile of rusted steel twisted into every unimaginable shape, pipes, chains, sheets. The absolute horror when I understood what it was, I mean its spirit, the twistedness of its soul. It was endless insanity physicized, and to walk down that hill would mean forever entrapment in a hallucinocycle of toxifreakness.

My beautiful nightmares have shown me that there are entire universes far worse than death. Places of inversion and decay, rusting away. Like the ancient dream of the killing place, which I stumbled upon while running away from something terrible. A place hidden in woods, so many huge white flat stones. Very clean white, yet my dream-vision showed me all the scenes of its eternal and lengthy history. That place was used to kill and more than just physical bodies. That place was where souls were liquidated forever.

Then there are the tunnels. So many different kinds, from simple holes big enough to walk down into, dug into the earth, to concrete-staired boxways filled with pipes. From the more modern ones I could hear the sound of machinery – pumps and furnaces – from where I stood at the entrance.

The sound would always be just loud enough to hide any evidence of what I knew was also down there. The thing that was waiting for me. And I could never stop from walking down those stairs. Always I needed to squeeze through those claustrophobic spaces, into a tunnel tighter in order to somehow emerge free on the other side.

Sometimes I would run back, slamming doors behind me {never enough time to lock them} [it is coming]. Reaching the top I would slam the door shut, lock it, but that wouldn’t stop the silent horror which was chasing me up those stairs, no door could stop it. It was the worst evil I could ever imagine, because its invisible presence would lurk there, like it was itself not just in those crawl-holes, but that it was them.

Every night for as long as I can remember, all I dream about is nightmares. Horrors chasing me from every possible thing. Zombies, runaway trains, evil people, horror-crimes I have committed, and of course the vast overarching knowledge of the dream-world’s dying civilization, dying world, runaway world heading toward a lethal wreck. Prominent also are lethal infections and their still-alive vectors, entire populations driven insane and after me.

One item which is pervasively present through all these dreams is the absolute certainty that there can be no change of course by any of the existences of me which play the actors in these dreams, and that there can also be no changes in the other parts either.

The reason I know this is true is because the dreams simply reveal the prebuilt archetypes which in the dream world I am perfectly aware of because they are the true creator and cannot be changed. I was born already a particular and nothing will ever change that; in all eternity I am a certain thing, just a unique pebble on a beach.

The hells and tortures are impossible to escape and are bound up and a part of both me and the world which I was created to witness the endtimes of, which is this world and that world. They are the same but different only in their skin. Ours makes an effort to pretend; it has a sophistication. The other doesn’t care and pretends only if it wants, which isn’t often.

My archetypal mission is to watch the world die. My personal mission is to bring my nightmares to life.

I want the world to see the rotten underflesh of the lethally insane existences which sprout from every sub-nanopore of this universe. They are waiting to be born and I am the midwife.

There will not be time to run or space to run to; the monstrosities are already inside everything. Everything is already infected with the transformative plague; it is inherent in their nature and the next step in their devolution. There is no escape from such things: their reality is already preprogrammed, predestined and predetermined.

Which is why I’m so entertained by the externalization of these nasty things in real life. It is made to seem that they come from outer space, they come from a swamp, the ocean, meteors, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, rapid climate change, even from our incompetence, short-sighted greed, etc. A real laundry-list of avoidance, a grand façade of clever artifice. Being outside, the horrors could be defeated. Outside horrors are a nice fantasy, but what actually exists and is waiting to be born are the inside horrors.

Such tactics are efficient to prevent true awareness of the nature of the nasties from reaching conscious life. A terrified population which has seen what is waiting in space and time all within and around them won’t be able to serve the productive machinery. They just won’t be good cogs anymore. They will be freaked-out and likely running for their lives, nowhere in particular of course, because there is nowhere to run {remember, there is nowhere to run}. Escape is impossible by definition, only eternal sleep of the higher perceptions via certain mechanisms known and unknown, manipulated and unmanipulated. But time is remorselessly advancing. The ticking clock is, like some infernal water-torture, drop by drop gradually eroding the thickened doors of perception inside innumerable minds.

As the outlines of the future become every more apparent {ever more undeniable} the fragile loom of sanity spins patterns ever more resembling those of spiders dosed with psycho-drugs.

To be endlessly chased by the insanities, horrors, worlds of death and eternal misery, touched by them, infected by them, twisted into something else by them, and finally to even create them is my destiny. To see those worlds has made me those worlds, and what has been done cannot be undone. They are my lovely places, my own paradise whose full birth my other self awaits. I am so very happy to have been given the vision of those places and times. It is the true destiny of all worlds to fall into those places; to become them and live eternally inside their enclosed and twisted spacetimes.

Hell is coming silently.

Entropic Overunity Paradox

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Entropic Overunity Paradox

Pure information (every part unique) is an interesting thing. One can sample a temporal sequence [analog to digital or analog only] from a suitably random source (nanomechanical noise, quantum noise [Josephson Junction receivers, currently used on the P4+ hardware RNGs], etc.

Now any particular sequence of a purely random source, must be random as well. Random also means the average is at zero if all values are summed. However, the largest amount of information any single channel can hold is all bits unique.

This is a problem because at all scales there are segments with nonunique values. These segments are compressible with a positive reduction coefficient.

In order for the sum of all information in the totality to be limited only by the dynamic range of the sensor or by the structural range of a numeric abstraction system (NAS), never mind infinity, the areas of less than total unique saturation, must be compensated for by areas of more saturation than average.

However, the average entropy content of the totality of a random stream is the maximum density of the receptor or counting system (as observed), or infinite (in theory).

Thus while the system requires complete saturation in its totality, any segment exhibiting partial saturation must be compensated by one or more supersaturated segments.

However, supersaturation is impossible because by definition median saturation is equal to maximum for a random stream, due to its complete use of the given representation system’s descriptor ability at minimum, and complete use of the stream’s physical measuring system at maximum. Beyond even these constraints is the saturation point of the universe in question’s physical system.

Thus, a means by which full saturation can be achieved, which abolishes the problem of supersaturation in a measured, real, or theorized system must be explored.

In a real-world system, of course, no stream exists in isolation. All grains of a granular worldsystem interact, and all indefinites of a non-granular worldsystem interact.

Thus, intersegment saturation exchange between neighboring flows could annul part of the problem, but not relieve it entirely – merely closing in toward the solution.

The ultimate and perhaps most convenient solution, is to suppose that a counteracting reality-segment existed parallel to the original, in realtime. The mirror segment counteroscillates with the prime segment, preserving the observed perfectly random streams. Call it Interuniversal Entropy Exchange, or IEA for short. However, this theory requires the use of another universe, inverted entropy, maybe more. Not that such things are impossible, but there are other solutions too.

This problem need not exist in a quantized or simulated-quantized universe. The reason being that if a universe is quantized then the state-time spaces of all its measurable components can only produce a limited variation by definition, and thus over time will complete grand cycles. Depending on the precision of the simulation, inhabitants may or may not be able to detect them, at least in the case of a ‘sealed’ universe.

Such is an argument that our universe is either spacetime quantized or simulated-quantized. Quantization sets the ceiling for entropic density in measurable and unmeasurable channels.

Thus it may be that in the real world, even with infinite precision instruments we may never measure the totality of states within any moment, while using abstract math functions we can make nongranular equations that describe potentials of which the underlying universe is incapable of living up to.

A painful yet decisively necessary dividing line must be drawn between the math which has a resemblance to the real universe, and that which is merely abstraction. For example, the perfect information source P, which provides nothing but nice noise forever, can be compared to the God’s sensor p on a nicely vibrating particle in a normal universe like ours. The God’s sensor is a Deus ex Machina contrived to show the best of what could in theory be done to measure the cleanest random stream(s) in a real universe.

The God Sensor reads out position data without affecting the system, which according to current thinking is impossible.

Even with the God Sensor, which provides the cleanest data possible by not affecting the system being measured, it seems likely that real-world random streams can’t reach the perfect level, because our Universe can’t do superunity at all.

A subunity system could have close-to-random values but would characteristically never reach saturation. If possible, the observation of real-world sources may be able to detect the compressibility difference.

If a positive compression ratio can be achieved, then we have a subunity universe, which means a portion of the ‘totality debt’ is lost – transferred, deferred, transformed, or doesn’t exist for an as yet unknown reason.

I don’t know where the magic ‘missing information’ to fill a perfectly random channel exists. Which means the concept of a ‘perfectly random’ source, as well as that of a source of ‘pure information’ may be an intellectual divergence from the fabric of this universe or any of a class of universes, real or simulated.

If that is the case, the raw sample data collected from real-world sensors cannot be purely random, but must contain residual redundancy, and therefore these channels (even the ‘best’ of them) must be compressible.

There are many compression systems for quantized data, but none as yet for nonquantized data. Since compression is used to measure redundancy, the problem of real-world verification becomes more complicated.

Without a compression test for nonquantized data, there is no way to measure the information content of nonquantized streams.

Therefore, until better technical means and understanding is achieved, a cleanup and better conceptualization of the dividing line between the theoretical concept of complete information saturation of an arbitrary source measurement sequence (SMS) and the real-world potential of such, must be further elucidated in a subsequent paper.

Sex Credit

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Ah, the glorious sex credit, a topic which has been on the back burner of my brainpan for some time, simmering into something only a due exposition could expunge.

It seems that in many areas, researchers are finding that women, far from being underdogs, are in fact the effective masters of many social interactions, and especially ones that relate to estate, money, etc. This mastery is not because of better skill, harder work, or any of the other numerous traits which our society praises and officially encourages. Rather, it is the mastery of sex credit, which produces the appearance of mastery over the many other things it affects.

sex credit is the extra, the benefit among males and institutions and even other females, which females are born with. When I talk of sex credit I don’t mean the things which are naturally credited to sex (reproductive ability), but its use as a tool of power and influence, both passively and actively. Examples of sex credit:

1. Women are rarely if ever ‘on the street’

2. Women are preferentially given accomodation

3. Women are paid to make babies

Below is a more detailed explanation of how sex credit works. I propose to define it mostly by its visible and not-so-visible functions, rather than the more abstract definitions which while simpler to write do not capture the subtle essence and ever-changing parameters of the function. For example, while prostitution is a form of sex credit it is neither the most common nor does it count much compared to the vast field of other sex credit mechanisms. It is just the most obvious, visible, legislated, and often controversial of the lot. As usual though, the real power of a river is in its depth, not its surface.

When I think of sex credit, I think about all the other, not-so-visible but yet infinitely more important things it buys. Like a guaranteed decent place to live, like an insurance policy against homelessness, joblessness. Like easy friends and partners. Like government favoritism, a welfare-state for women on many levels, largely subsidized by (deluded) men. The list goes on and on; read further for more.

This post was quite instructive:

Marriage 2.0, the end-product of the late-20th century divorce reforms, is simply a bad business decision for men. In an era when women file 70% of divorces (CDC data) and where men pay 96% of the alimony (IRS data), it is quite clear that Marriage 2.0 is a thinly veiled mechanism of one-way wealth transfer. Surely there are more cost effectice ways for men to get 4-7 years of romantic companionship than to go through the marriage/divorce sausage machine. It seems that young men have been paying attention. Rutgers University Marriage Study, which has compiled 50+ years of marriage/divorce data, has been documenting a steady slide in new-marriage rates starting around 1970.

Number of Marriages per 1,000
Unmarried Women Age 15 and
Older, by Year, United States:

1968 79.1
1969 80.0
1970 76.5
1972 77.9
1975 66.9
1977 63.6
1980 61.4
1983 59.9
1985 56.2
1987 55.7
1990 54.5
1991 54.2
1992 53.3
1993 52.3
1995 50.8
2000 46.5
2004 39.9

It is Adam Smith’s invisible hand at work. If you make something hazardous to one’s health, then people will avoid it. After seeing what has happened to their fathers, uncles, and older brothers, these young men are voting with their feet.


Furthermore, sex credit works in other wonderful ways. For example, when searching for affordable housing on craigslist, it can be found that 15% of housing ads in my area require female-only applicants, while only about 2% require male-only applicants.

Looking closer at just the ads which specify required sex of the applicant, and in particular those that specify an applicant of the female sex, it can be noted that in a significant fraction of these posts the sex of the current inhabitants is revealed. Interestingly, these folks are usually women. When we hear about sexism it is usually the men who offend. It seems that today, women’s own homegrown sexism seems to outplay men’s by 10:1 or more, at least when it comes to housing. As a footnote, sex discrimination is illegal in my jurisdiction, but it seems women don’t read much – they don’t have to (see below).

On every level of this society, women are subsidized. Another example is homelessness. I see lots of street people in my city every day, but 90% of them are men, while the local government reports 52% of the population are women, 48% men. Strange, isn’t it? Are men lazy? It seems that men do most of the real, hard work in my society…

Not so strange when you remember that women can easily avoid ‘the street’ by finding any man they can tolerate at a local club, bar, restaurant or other gathering place, and getting ‘taken home’ by him. Soon she’s living there, then she’s either off to some other manfare (ie. man-welfare) trough or gold-digging at the existing ‘lucky’ man’s home.

The few street-women I’ve seen are all ugly/old hoes or otherwise undesiring of a better life, or both.

Moving back for a moment to older posts on overpopulation, it must be remembered that women are the source of this problem. It is from their cunts that the babies of the devastated present and future are sliding. A constant and awful perpetuation of such a nasty species upon the planet. Women have the final say as to whether a baby is kept or not, if they are dumb enough to get pregnant. And women have been saying “yes, we can!“, especially those knocked up by the revoltingly stupid joe-sixpacks of the world. This process is helping erase any traces of intelligence from the species, as its own future locks into a short track to a nasty trainwreck.

And we pay them to do it! In my country and probably most others in the First World, women are paid to have children: they get extended qualifications for welfare, leave from work, maternity benefits, tax deductions, subsidized childcare, etc. Therefore the taxpayer is paying to overpopulate my country. Women ought to pay the full costs of their reproductive decisions, otherwise they will just follow their instincts and make an endless supply of future hell on Earth.

What really takes the cake is that I’ve been trying to find affordable housing in my city, but can’t due to the ridiculous competition for the few rents available. Why the competition? Overpopulation here plus bringing people from overpopulated areas somewhere else (immigration). The best laugh is that in the current ‘tight’ circumstance, it is these groups of women who are rejecting anyone but ‘their’ species for housing. In other words the women who made and continue to make the overpopulation which is making it impossible for me to find a home (and pay ludicrous rent if I do), are also busy rejecting me due to some sexist reason embedded in their pea-brains. Ironic, isn’t it?

Happy Women!

It can be easily seen on any given day, that the many women in public are not only dressed to attract (or at least ‘attractively’) for obvious geno-social reasons, but they are happy. Try to find a dour, sour woman on a street – you won’t.

After years of envy I finally understand why they’re so happy: though their jobs are usually lower-wage than men’s, they have something men don’t, something which (especially in these times) counts for so much more: security!

The foundation of true happiness is: home security and income security (ie. job security for the working class). Remember the carefree days of childhood? Running, playing, not even thinking never mind worrying about whether you’d have a home next month, or food tomorrow? Not all kids get that, but if you did then take that state and extrapolate it onto an adult and you get an ‘adult’ woman who will always have everything she needs, and is therefore secure and therefore happy. Just like a child, in more ways than one.

When I say security, I mean not only job security, but home security as well. Because they have endless sex credit, women can always find a home, and they can always beg a job (if the manfare isn’t enough) no matter how unskilled. Men don’t have those options, therefore when they lose their jobs in times of economic decline, crisis, etc. and can’t find another, they end up on the street.

Without their trusty sex credit, about half the First World’s women would be bums on the street.

Mere feet away from the real bums on the street walk the brightly coloured, laughing, chatting, happy cunts who don’t need to worry about such things. They have it made, not because they’re better people, just that they are female people. As such, their perpetual sex credit lifeline will always pull them up out of troublesome spots.

Bitchy Women?

Now of course we all know that despite their happy demeanor, when these women are making demands on their manfare-providers or talking amongst themselves in private they are often snappy, bitchy, etc. This of course is just their passive-aggressive way of getting what they want without losing the support they need.

Beyond that, however, it can be found that women – especially the more attractive, but all to a certain extent – have underdeveloped patience and often nasty personalities underneath their deceptively sweet exteriors. Why?

Because of their sex credit, women don’t have to develop their personalities in ways that would make them better people. Instead they use their sex credit to leech from men and the State through its numerous sexist women-only programs. Just like spoiled children they know that they don’t have to be better human beings because they can always acquire support somewhere else, ie. another man or another program. There is always another pitying fool of a man or government program to bail them out. Luckily, there’s an endless supply of inexperienced, gullible, joe-sixpacks with which to leech from – the kind of men whose balls lead them.

It can now be seen why the nastiness of a woman is usually inversely related to her level of sex credit (ie. attractiveness). Those with more sex credit don’t need to work as hard to get what they want, while those with less must be better people to reach a similar thrive-level.

On the whole, sex credit has been a shackle on the development of women’s responsibility, intelligence, etc. because it is a free ‘gift’ which excuses them from the difficulty which the other species, men, must endure. It is a ‘get out of jail free’ card, among many other things, which is unearned, and being unearned, its benefits are also not only unearned but not respected for their true value (ie. what they would cost a person with zero sex credit).

The attention and benefits of sex credit, from the woman’s perspective, are most conveniently attributed to whatever she thinks is so great about herself. Therefore the woman is full of a sense of her grandness, when in fact it is merely the effect of unearned sex credit which advantages her in every social situation. Her subconscious and conscious mind manipulate it to maximum advantage, while conveniently ignoring the obvious reality of this crutch.

Men (and to an extent ugly or otherwise undesireable women) don’t have sex credit so they actually have to become better people. They have to ‘sell themselves’ to society based on something they actually made themselves, not the sex credit they were born with. That is an important qualitative difference, so take note of it. Because self-development is the development of that which a person isn’t born with.

The ugliness of the situation is wrapped up in millions of years of evolution which isn’t consistent with today’s society. Deeply connected is also overpopulation, and the lack of population control in modern nations. Furthermore, overpopulation is in womens’ interest, while it disadvantages men. The greater the population, the more choice a woman will have for sperm and support. More men will compete with each other at all levels and wealths and skills, which means she will get a better deal. However, in a resource-constrained, overpopulated world wouldn’t her own existence become more difficult (ie. more work, less support)?

It might, but remember that there will always be enough men to support her, no matter how bad conditions get. Think of women as the fat that floats to the top of a pot of stew (their literal fattiness {overweight} is an obvious indicator of how our society pampers them). No matter how big the pot of stew, or how lean it is, the fat always floats on the top.

Men are conditioned and perhaps even genetically programmed to ‘give their lives’ (and their money, property, sanity, etc.) for these women, and it can be seen everyday in the movies as well as real life.

Worse conditions will force more men into desperation, from which they either recover, kill themselves, kill others (mostly other men, though sometimes women), etc. Whatever the result, so long as they live they exert competitive pressure on all other men, and that is to women’s advantage.

To put it simply from the woman’s viewpoint: knowing she can always stay on top, she strives to overpopulate her environment so as to increase the competition of men ‘underneath’ her. Just like Marx’s reserve army of the unemployed, who keep wages low and work-hours long, the reserve army of the unsexed men keep her partner’s temper low and his dick/cash supply long. If you wonder about the other half of the equation, the reserve army of unsexed women, you can forget it. Unlike men, women don’t usually compete with each other at such a level – they don’t need to, because they live within a welfare state whose entry pass is the golden sex credit card.

For them, competition is like getting men to chose between different brightly-coloured packaged products on a supermarket shelf. The reserve army of unsexed women is like the packages behind the front-row, waiting to be chosen. The shoppers are men, and they are often suprised at the price which must be paid at the till.

There are some sweet solutions, so next post will be about overpopulation, and especially how to control it through a technology-based tooltype. A basic plan for Government-regulated population will also be proposed.

Analog Extension of Select Existing Digital CPU Math Operations

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Analog Extension of Select Existing Digital CPU Math Operations

The idea is to take any 32-bit or 64-bit x86 CPU, and make it capable of something interesting: the capacity to transmit, store, and perform basic or complete math operations on analog values of certain numeric types, or use the normal.

The analog values are transmitted using existing electronic fabrication or more advanced fabrication, such as spin-torque propagation, optical, etc. Existing analog fabrication is likely sufficient.
Analog values are stored in a full-size parallel analog cache of size sufficient to hold the store in the included mathtypes only present on the main cache.

Registers that are capable of storing the affected mathtypes are duplicated in analog.

Digital logic-gates control the use of one circuit or the other. It should again be mentinoed that logic operations and instruction execution are using standard digital circuits.

The chip may best be switched between routing behaviours by Windows custom driver, or better yet system BIOS. Leaving the feature disabled will result in identical output as its commercial brothers. The initial design can be licensed from Intel, or a project proposed to them.

The chip may switch between behaviours by one or more of: a reboot, BIOS change or driver call.

The first advantage of analog computation is it provides solutions to various math processes that can conserve more precision between quantizations (quantized operator {some cases, not all}, conversion to n-bit native formats, etc.) than digital can. The highest advantage is for long-term simulations, where values stream through cache memory for quite some time.

The second advantage to analog computation is it puts the first steps in toward more complex and fuller (and likely new) architectures that make use of more interesting effects in the quantum and nanoscalar realms.

The third advantage is that analog math operations may be more energy and space-efficient than their digital counterparts.

A disadvantage is the limit of CPU cache size. Unless new main memory is implemented, analog values can only exist in the on-die CPU cache. This is a pretty severe limit on the number of storable values. With advanced fabrication, this problem is mitigated. Also, using standard fabrication, a second or duplicate set of the standard DRAM memory plane(s), but implemented to function storing analog values. This shadow cache will hold far more values than the standard cache can, because the digital cache must be split between instruction and data segments, while the analog cache is the same size but completely allocated to analog data.

It must be said that at the final step, the value must be quantized to leave the CPU. Also, this scheme, as mentioned above, only affects certain numeric types during math operations. It does not alter the x86 instruction set, other than to respond to certain currently unused call values. This method is used by the BIOS to set the mode on the fly, and a Windows driver can too.

Finally, the analog alternative offers much lower nominal precision than the digital, since the lowest dynamic range of the worst sender and receiver are the reasonable limit. This limits the range of math operations to perhaps a few thousand, including negative values.

This class of limits may be removed through advanced fabrication and design. There are several appparent techniques to accomplish this end. The first one might think of: using spacially separate or integrated multilayer sensors and merging the results. Each sensor is narrowband with some overlap between their ends. Thus combined, the values of all sensors added together creates a full spectrum in the area of capability.

Another more sophisticated approach stores the number in ‘scientific notation’ using analog equipment. In a yet more ambitious implementation, either of the base or exponent may be digital or analog, or both analog or digital.

The best of various techniques may yield 10,000 but probably no more.

April: From New to Old with Added Mold

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abandoned-lucent-buildingAbandoned Lucent Building

The dream of crystal glass and concrete bass
Held up by fiber class
Where did the life go
thru the optical flow…


what-happens-to-foreclosed-homes-in-riversideWith homeowner in doghouse, bobcats move in

These cuties so deserve to live in this
beautiful foreclosed home!
The wilted palm behind them
seems more than leaf and stem
but skeleton of ancient beast
laid low by lounging duo


hidden-treasureAn old Jaguar left abandoned in a foreclosed home’s front lot

motionless wheel on automobile
by house whose sole habitant, louse

 250827955_87aeee6ca4Abandoned oil refinery in Ojai, California

a dream of pipes
hollow ring of the fluid church
satan’s black blood
an end to the oil age
presaged by must and rust


3184426412_8bc70de71b_oAbandoned house and oil well

in old days it was swell
then production went to hell
today only cedar does dwell
on the grounds of those who fell.


another-oil-pump-med All yea of the later Cycle
entered here without restrain;
the future will be empty of your refrain.


abandoned-texaco-gas-stationthe sweep of time will erase any crime
in dust and rust clothe the ravages of time
to sleep in the furthest deep


ageless-lightglobe of light can you yet shine bright?
the paradoxic remain in a rusted drain
never again to feel an electric refrain


industrial-decay-medindustrial decay happens every day
soon the paint ain’t
next the water’s full of taint
the cast’s last in the cask
such a long and wearying task.


 rotting-harvesterRotting Harvester

decay is a wonderful harvest indeed
spreading poisons, rust and weed
denying all that humans need
upon which to feed


 tentacled-monster-medTentacled Monster

octopus large of steel upon wheel
now silently clothed in wildeflower
having lost its will of energypower



the voracious hole of nothing
opening wide to swallow your hide
rainbow-hued portal of insanity
for them who takes a ride
to its other side


cubic-giantcubic giant
you were so reliant
on commerce, trade
and a good dose of Raid
to keep the weeds away
still standing proud today
eyes open but no further way
to keep from going gray
your time is done
long ago was the final run


 used-cars-medused cars and their rusty scars
nineteen fifties they were nifties
now they’re cows like overweight ploughs
leaded-gas guzzlers
sleeping on oily puzzlers


rusted-eye-med1your rusted eye is full of cry
winter is taking you by-and-by
soon it will be goodbye


winch-the-grinch-med winch the grinch
your drive is gone from the grassy lawn
and all that’s left to haul
is an empty maul



trolley-medShopping on the Beach

from the shiny aisles to the windswept isles
the cart with heart is making a new start


weatherworn weather worn and people’d scorn
time tells the true nature of a wooden shack
with corrugated roof clack-clack


eureka-064-med1 gold be gone but sage is the lawn
a desert sea real nice to see
cedar shack lost in quietude
amidst a forest of plentitude


mossy-vw-busWhere Hippies go to Die

the colour green is always in-between
shading over that which has been
the paints and their taints live on
in soil and its spawn


1777158582_2aaf3a640f_oPipe Dreams

the broken dream-pipe
leads to painted murals
of the tribe from Uribe

 tracks-to-the-wasteland1Tracks to the Wasteland

from future to past
the present never lasts
take the express to a future depressed
try not to shout when the track runs out
’cause that’s what its all about

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