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April: From New to Old with Added Mold

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on April 12, 2009

abandoned-lucent-buildingAbandoned Lucent Building

The dream of crystal glass and concrete bass
Held up by fiber class
Where did the life go
thru the optical flow…


what-happens-to-foreclosed-homes-in-riversideWith homeowner in doghouse, bobcats move in

These cuties so deserve to live in this
beautiful foreclosed home!
The wilted palm behind them
seems more than leaf and stem
but skeleton of ancient beast
laid low by lounging duo


hidden-treasureAn old Jaguar left abandoned in a foreclosed home’s front lot

motionless wheel on automobile
by house whose sole habitant, louse

 250827955_87aeee6ca4Abandoned oil refinery in Ojai, California

a dream of pipes
hollow ring of the fluid church
satan’s black blood
an end to the oil age
presaged by must and rust


3184426412_8bc70de71b_oAbandoned house and oil well

in old days it was swell
then production went to hell
today only cedar does dwell
on the grounds of those who fell.


another-oil-pump-med All yea of the later Cycle
entered here without restrain;
the future will be empty of your refrain.


abandoned-texaco-gas-stationthe sweep of time will erase any crime
in dust and rust clothe the ravages of time
to sleep in the furthest deep


ageless-lightglobe of light can you yet shine bright?
the paradoxic remain in a rusted drain
never again to feel an electric refrain


industrial-decay-medindustrial decay happens every day
soon the paint ain’t
next the water’s full of taint
the cast’s last in the cask
such a long and wearying task.


 rotting-harvesterRotting Harvester

decay is a wonderful harvest indeed
spreading poisons, rust and weed
denying all that humans need
upon which to feed


 tentacled-monster-medTentacled Monster

octopus large of steel upon wheel
now silently clothed in wildeflower
having lost its will of energypower



the voracious hole of nothing
opening wide to swallow your hide
rainbow-hued portal of insanity
for them who takes a ride
to its other side


cubic-giantcubic giant
you were so reliant
on commerce, trade
and a good dose of Raid
to keep the weeds away
still standing proud today
eyes open but no further way
to keep from going gray
your time is done
long ago was the final run


 used-cars-medused cars and their rusty scars
nineteen fifties they were nifties
now they’re cows like overweight ploughs
leaded-gas guzzlers
sleeping on oily puzzlers


rusted-eye-med1your rusted eye is full of cry
winter is taking you by-and-by
soon it will be goodbye


winch-the-grinch-med winch the grinch
your drive is gone from the grassy lawn
and all that’s left to haul
is an empty maul



trolley-medShopping on the Beach

from the shiny aisles to the windswept isles
the cart with heart is making a new start


weatherworn weather worn and people’d scorn
time tells the true nature of a wooden shack
with corrugated roof clack-clack


eureka-064-med1 gold be gone but sage is the lawn
a desert sea real nice to see
cedar shack lost in quietude
amidst a forest of plentitude


mossy-vw-busWhere Hippies go to Die

the colour green is always in-between
shading over that which has been
the paints and their taints live on
in soil and its spawn


1777158582_2aaf3a640f_oPipe Dreams

the broken dream-pipe
leads to painted murals
of the tribe from Uribe

 tracks-to-the-wasteland1Tracks to the Wasteland

from future to past
the present never lasts
take the express to a future depressed
try not to shout when the track runs out
’cause that’s what its all about


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