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Spiral Galaxy version 12

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on June 4, 2009

Spiral Galaxy version 12 [E2]

The Spiral Galaxy! I made this so my room would be bright as day. It uses twelve twenty-three watt 6500K compact fluorescents (Philips). Each uses 23W of power and outputs 1600 Lumens of light. The total for this galaxy is 19,200 Lu @ 276W.

The galaxy uses standard white plastic Y-splitters which are screwed into each other at various angles to achieve a particular shape. The room for creativity is endless, because socket extenders can also be added (I didn’t use them though!).

Each splitter makes one socket into two, and can handle a total of 660W. Since the first splitter must carry all the current, the total wattage for the entire galaxy is limited to 660W.

As for costs, the Y-splitters cost $4 each, and the bulbs come in 2-packs for $10.99

It’s a really cheap and reliable way to make my room bright as day. If I wanted to keep adding splitters and bulbs, I’d max out at 28 x 23W CFL = 644W total! That is a lot of power, and would give me 44,800 lumens which is too much for such a small room :)

It is super important to use a ceiling-mount socket that has a real metal shell (the part the bulb screws into). The new type with only corrugated plastic and a thin contact strip won’t hold the weight of the galaxy!

Even the metal-shell sockets can only be trusted so far. There’s only two rivets holding the shell onto the socket body. So to be sure, I used a heavy plastic zip-strip [zap-strap] to secure the first splitter to the socket. Each next splitter only has to hold half the weight (or close as in my design).

I want to avoid the case of the entire galaxy or a branch falling down and breaking upon my carpet. This is really bad because it means lots of mercury spilling out into the carpet and air. The carpet would have to be removed after such a disaster!


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