World of Decline

Perfect Again

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on June 12, 2009

The World will be made perfect again. Without sound other than the song of eternity, which will echo with its eternal perfection through the vastness beyond perception.

In that other place light is everywhere and inside everything. Every soul sings its own song and none other, and follows the perfect path of its own nature.

In that place there is no moment or place of contradiction. Each eternity has its place. All is silent and yet not with heaviness. Mass is not heavy there. Friction is unknown. All glides and flies through space unmeasurable.

Communication is instant yet there is nothing to say. Each point fractally involutes into its own unique infinite complexity of depth, and by that process is lost in its own eternal universe of never ending complexity.

This place is a lost world, a low-level prison. Like an oilpan or a ball-bearing recycler. It’s noisy but silent. The Voice is an undertone here while its song is the total constituent and synchronizer of all in the hyperworld. Or rather, the hyperworld through its own nature is the Voice. In the hyperworld there is no leader or follower, or now and then. Everything follows and is led beyond time.

There is no need to concern with this world. It is a dying world in every sense. It is an outlier on the graph of eternity. Awareness will migrate to the hyperworld and there it will be destroyed by becoming everything, which is the fate of everything.

Visions of the hyperworld may be seen by means of dreaming and drugs. It is a preview of what is to come, but not what is to come here. For the hyperworld will never be exposed here. Its constituent dimensionality will not fit in any constructable entropy-transfer scheme which can be expressed in the available configurations of this universe. However, these constructions can hint at the hyperverse, with the potential of confusion as they are almost wholly inadequate representations. Therefore, be not confused with the profusion of representations, because only the presentation is important and that appears only by means of total energetic modulation which must be achieved by the individual alone through his dedicated channel to the unknown. Naturally this channel opens during dreaming and unnaturally through practices or drugs.

Finally, be not attached to anything of this world, other souls included. Attachment will close the hyperverse channel and lock the self into obsession with the temporary existence of this universe. Everything is destined to reach the hyperverse by means of total disassembly. Therefore look forward to dissolution as it is the one total and unconditional gift which will keep on giving. Each sleep is a moment of partial disassembly, a giving to the Beast and a present from the Beast. It must be given as a sacrifice of life in order to continue living. Those who do not sleep die quickly. So sleep well and make use of the gift of sleep as it is the first door into the hyperverse.

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