World of Decline


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Implicated: The Brazen Bull Cure for Healthcare

Brazen Bull

His screams will come to you through the pipes as the tenderest,
most pathetic, most melodious of bellowings

If those without insurance cannot pay the fee, then jail will be their insurance. A place they can share with other victims – and criminals – like the vast numbers of War on Drug Users victims, etc.

In prison they can learn the pleasure of earning – for the State – the sum they owe or even more, depending on the depth of whore. Employed in the vast industrial workhouses – Newspeak Correctional Retraining or somesuch – for the profit of giant multinational corporations and their filthy-rich ruling-class owners.

The cost of such imprisonment would be borne by the State’s beloved taxpayers, while its benefits would be enjoyed by the private contractors who build, staff and maintain these glorious institutions.

And let us not forget the excellent exercise inmates will be compelled to undertake for their new lords. Americans in particular might even catch a second peak of health during their incarceration, what with the minimal rations and long hard work hours. For all these benefits bestowed upon them, clients ought to be glad for having run afoul of the new mandatory health insurance law, or whatever other arbitrary, rights-violating law that got them there.

Thus the sublime perfection of the State’s plans can now be clearly perceived. Close as a hair their plans do fair against the prime goal of total control.

In future not so distant armies of such downtrodden minions will shovel coal and mend sole in the darkly illuminated dungeons of privately contracted work prison complexes.

A return to the good old days (now known to the elites as “the excellent future days!”) of workhouse times a thousand with all the benefits of gene-tagging, precise computer monitoring of all inmates at all times via implants and a rich sensor grid, remotely powered implanted lethal injectors to kill those who might manage to escape. No more need for roving militias or national guards to repress slave revolts.

No more need for guns once everyone who matters is securely inside or outside.

Betrothed and long ago wed in their complementary ways, both Police State and Corporate State will like twin snakes coil together to form the double-helix of the future’s new DNA. And DNA itself, along with correct social heritage, will decide who is among the few inside the bubble of superprivilege-ultrawealth and who is encased in the toxic confines of the transnational prison-industrial megacomplex. Today’s reality is but a rough precursor – a vague outline – for the perfection of tomorrow.

People who can’t afford insurance ought to be imprisoned and worked to death for the profit of the super-rich. That is their most efficient use. Hitler made great money for his friends in industry by working prisoners to death – feeding them just enough to get some work out of them – for profit. It works quite well as an economic regime and has the secondary benefit of permanently removing surplus expendables from the population pool.

These vast institutions will be the ultimately voracious mouths that suck into their abyssal blackness first the criminals, then the poor and street people, next the former lower class, and onward until all but the diamond-toothed few stand upon the institutional and perhaps even biologic pyramid of total world slavery for their benefit alone.

Shoveling victims into their toothy, drooling mouths is the work of the State and its laws. And much work remains to be done, though the hardest part is already complete. Health-insurance law with prison punishment is only a frilly icing on a cake whose bulk is the Drug War and the concerted contributions of numerous other wars carried on quietly and indirectly by the State and Corporates on behalf of their constituent and investor classes.

This Future Level Prediction has a Hellrated temperature of 230 degrees Centigrade. Its theme is psychotically co-consonant with the Brazen Bull.