World of Decline

Digital Machinegun

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on May 5, 2010

The computer is a packet-spewing digital machinegun. The computer is a weapon of war. It can fire in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

Many and varied ammunitions it can fire, and its quantized chambers never tire.

Climb higher, my digital machinegun! There are enemies at the gates, so raise the packet-rates!

Through TCPIP-stack cannons the great packet-shells disembark on their deadly course,
like mighty warriors of spear and horse.

The muzzle-flare flicker of the ethernet port as its bomb-packets depart convinces its witness of the power of a PCI gunbarrel.

No silencer required and no assassin need be hired. For such a low price, a weapon so nice!

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