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Peak Oil Bells: Hubbert Bell-Curve Music

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The Tarball Symphony Orchestra Presents:

Peak Oil Bells: Hubbert Bell-Curve Music

Ask not for whom the bell tolls;
it tolls for thee!

What is the sound of peak oil?

The idea is to take a set of wells or fields or all the World’s fields. The set will only include wells or wellgroups that have already declined 90%, and whose production is known. Start Date, Peak Date, and 90% Flowrate-Depleted Date will be required for each, along with maximum flowrate at peak.

The first three give the bell its place and size in time, while the fourth gives the bell its peak intensity: maximum volume of oil per unit time in the oilfield and volume of sound in the Orchestra.

Then, the data will be used to ring bells. Real bells or digital bells. The bells will have their own original tones, but the volume and time envelope of each bell will correspond to the bell-curve of each well or well-group. In other words, the loudness of each bell will be proportionate to the volumetric output of its assigned well or wellgroup at a given point in time. One bell will be assigned to each well or well-group, and rung only once.

The entire field, fieldset or world-field will compose the Symphony, which will naturally swell from silence to a haunting cacaphony – then back to silence again if the field in question has declined to less than 10% of its maximum volumetric output.

Gothic bells, ancient bells and large church bells will be used to give the entire piece a distinctly end-of-days haunted tone. It will be a creepy reminder of the rise and fall of oil production.

Different pieces can be composed from different fields and given names. The kind of music made by Britain’s North Fields would be different from Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field.


Maggot Noodles

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Photoshopped Maggot Pasta: Worms are Too Long

Maggot Noodles: white pasta noodles in the shape and size of maggots. They make great Halloween dinners.

I haven’t yet found any for sale. Somebody will have to start selling them soon. Please!