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Mosquito Blood Tester

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on August 17, 2011

To use a Nature’s most perfect blood-drawing machine to do what needles do, only better, cheaper, faster and safer.

A normal mosquito will be genetically modified such that it will be capable of testing blood for whatever parameter(s) are wanted. If the chemicals in the blood are broken down by the mosquito’s digestion, then its taste or other pre-digestion system(s) will be modified to do the sensing.

Just as the human is equipped with very sensitive tasting glands, so too is the mosquito. To correctly evalute the quality of blood has always been one of evolution’s main selectors for the mosquito-race.

The mosquitos can also be trained or bred-trained to instinctually indicate the parameters by gross movements or secondary biological responses such as colour changes, sound emissions, etc.

Unlike needles, the Blood-Testing-Mosquitos [BTMs] are self-replicating and easily disposable afterwards by total incineration (a lighter or match flame will do). Needles are difficult and costly to safely dispose of after use.

A BTN test will be painless and require only one-thousandth the blood of a needle-lab test. This is important for those who are so sick or wasted that the loss of blood can hurt them. The BTM saves the body and blood vesels from ugly gross trauma and potential infection: BTM tests can be done a dozen times per day without causing damage – doing so with a needle would cause permanent blood-vessel damage. There are many such people in Third World countries and some in the First World too.

We now live in the twenty-first century. There is no more need for such crude methodologies as stabbing a person with a metal needle to find out about their blood.

Perhaps more nefariously, BTMs can be released into urban or other human populated areas, in order to gather blood data without the knowledge or consent of the donators. Micromachines resembling mosquitos can also do these chores and potentially much more, but we should start by hacking an already well-proven design.

This data can include what diseases they have, their entire genetic code (tons of cells are taken in a single mosquito sip) minerals, toxins, heavy metals, etc.

Beyond testing, the mosquito can also be used to deliver vaccines and other materials in small quantity.