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Perfect Mate

Posted in Uncategorized by isochroma on December 11, 2011

It is possible for a man to create his perfect mate, but not a woman.

It has been observed that siblings separated at birth or shortly thereafter, then reunited after puberty, will have a very strong and unusually deep attraction to one another.

It has also been proven by science that when a male and female sibling – or stranger – are raised together from a young age, their sexual attraction is ‘turned off’ by an evolved mechanism in the brain. This mechanism is hypothesized to have evolved to prevent inbreeding by turning off what would normally be an unusually strong attraction between siblings.

Why is the attraction stronger than normal between siblings – absent the effects of the anti-inbreeding mechanism? It is because they are the ideal complements for each other – mind, body and soul. They are soulmates.

The anti-inbreeding mechanism takes effect when the pair are visually and/or socially exposed to each other from birth up to a certain age before puberty.

In the case of re-united siblings that were separated at birth, that mechanism was never activated.

A male and female sibling are the most perfect soular and biomolecular complements. Even though evolution decided that in a larger, longer – and far different from today’s – context the mating of siblings was negatory, from the individuals’ standpoint it is optimal. In fact, better than optimal – the ultimate fruition.

Thus, we are left with some interesting options for experimentation; the first of which requires no genetic manipulation at all, but merely the planned separation of siblings at birth, and then their reunion after puberty to form the most perfect unions.

The second applies only to men. Men have a geneset of XY, women XX. Thus, inside a man is a man and a woman. Inside a woman is a woman and another woman.

Women are thus genetically incomplete, and men are genetically complete. A man can recreate the entire species with his full complement of DNA, but a woman cannot – she can only make more women.

I also thought how interesting it would be to make a woman by duplicating a man’s X chromosome. The woman thus created would be his perfect partner – the equivalent of a genetically identical female sibling.

A woman is internally repelled by her other half which is also female – the second X in her XX – and thus repellent – not complementary. A woman cannot couple with her other self any more than magnets can couple with like poles (North-North or South-South). Like poles repel, opposite poles attract. Unless she is a lesbian, a woman would never partner with her shadow self if that self was created from her DNA. In fact, if both her X chromosomes have equal expression then all she can hope for is a perfect clone anyway.

Unlike a woman, a man has something very special waiting inside his body. A beautiful gift just waiting to be unwrapped! The woman of his dreams exists inside his very flesh – in every cell of his body, waiting to be unlocked. A man’s shadow self is a woman and thus complementary and his most perfect and ultimate sex partner. The other half of his DNA waiting to be expressed is his X chromosome, which when duplicated creates his female partner.

Actualizing this potentiality is easy and requires no genetic engineering. All it requires is obtaining two copies of a man’s X chromosome, and inserting them into a fertile egg, which is then implanted into a surrogate woman. This process should be done before the man is more than a few years old, to insure the age gap between the two is optimal. Of course, contact between the two must be entirely avoided before puberty to prevent the anti-inbreeding mechanism from spoiling a most perfect union.